As IP based content proliferates dramatically it is essential to store and organize huge volumes of unstructured Data that can be mined for Information. This information in the form of summarized Analytics helps organizations make decisions that are fact and trend based, increasing visibility into opportunities that could not have been possible in the past. Big Data Analytics is the linchpin capability driving value to enterprises and individuals in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE ).

While Analytics is often a data-center or cloud focused activity, with the enormous amount of data generated by connecting Everything, the paradigm is shifting more so to performing analytics at the edge, also knowns as Fog Computing.

Fast Lane has a broad portfolio of programs that can help business and technical decision-makers turn Data into Information resulting in Valuable insight. Whether the goal is to develop skills to build Big Data platforms or specific applications of Big Data Analytics to achieve specific business outcomes, Fast Lane is there for you, and can tailor the training to fit your goal.

Administration Courses

Understand how to configure and troubleshoot analytical solutions.

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Implementation Courses

Understand the technology and how to implement collaboration solutions including Big Data and Fog Computing.

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Sales Courses

Enhance your skills to effectively communicate with business leaders and learn to identify their business needs and the analytics solutions that meet those needs.

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