Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders (RPASBL)

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Course Overview

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The future is here. Robotic process automation is reshaping the accounting and finance profession. 40% of transactional accounting work is expected to be automated by 2020 (Financial Management) and predicted to touch 230 million knowledge workers, 9% of the global workforce, according to McKinsey Research. Driven by the need to stay competitive with decreased costs and increased efficiency, RPA is quickly making a significant impact on the profession. Companies no longer think about ‘if’ but “when” to implement RPA.

As a strategic business partner you will be affected by RPA. Whether you sponsor, drive, initiate or are responsible for managing a robotic process automation strategy, this course will prepare you for the future. You will get an overview of robotic process automation, learn how RPA is transforming businesses and understand how RPA provides a significant competitive advantage. You will also learn key considerations and steps needed to begin building your RPA strategy including how to address the cultural shift needed to overcome the "fear of robots" and understand the critical role human intelligence plays to ensure a successful strategy.


  • Understanding RPA
  • Building your RPA Strategy
  • Preparing for an RPA Implementation and Cultural Shift

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Instructional delivery method: Live
Recommended CPE credits:5.5
Recommended field of study: Information Technology
Prerequisites: None
Program level: Foundational
Advance preparation: None
Important Information on Your CPE Credit

Digital Badge: Upon completing this course, you will be awarded with a certificate in the form of a digital badge to be proudly displayed anywhere on the internet—a personal blog, a social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla Open Badges, a biographical page on a company website or an online resume.

Who should attend

Who should attend:

  • Global accounting and financial business leaders
  • Managers in public accounting and management accounting who offer strategic guidance to the C-Suite and are considering RPA for their business and want to understand best practices and strategy for implementing RPA
  • Partners, advisors and consultants interested in expanding their service offerings

Course Objectives

This course will prepare you to do the following:

  • Define RPA
  • Describe how RPA is transforming business, specifically the accounting and finance functions
  • Indicate the business value of RPA
  • Identify key considerations in getting started with RPA
  • Identify the components of an RPA strategy to educate your organization about RPA
  • Recall the steps needed to build your RPA strategy
  • Recognize key issues that need to be addressed before starting to implement RPA

Outline: Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders (RPASBL)

n this course, you will learn:

  • The definition of Robotic Process Automation
  • The business value of automation
  • The RPA market landscape
  • The importance of RPA in a digital strategy
  • The employee value proposition for RPA
  • Key components that are integral to a successful RPA implementation strategy
  • The process of creating an RPA strategy
  • How to prioritize use cases
  • How to address change management and culture challenges
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 1 day

  • Canada: US$ 995
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Online Training
Modality: L

Duration 1 day

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