Fire Jumper for Account Managers: Stage III and IV (FJAM)


Course Overview

The Fire Jumper Academy is the foundational enablement program to develop your selling skills on Cisco Security Solutions in a given competency area. It has four (4) stages that need to be completed in linear order (Stage I, Stage II, Stage III and Stage IV). Upon completion of all stages, including our validation that you are capable of delivering the requisite conversations and demonstrations, you will achieve Fire Jumper certification. This certification will be valid for two (2) years. The Stage III & IV training workshop is a 3-day event that spans approximately five (5) hours each day, including breaks.

Fire Jumper for AM Stage III & IV will equip you with skills and resources needed to facilitate a Cisco SAFE workshop for customers, and to serve as the final step toward your achievement of Fire Jumper certification.

Course Content

This 3-day virtual workshop will cover the sales concepts needed for effective selling into the CxO group and their teams. Concepts such as Cybersecurity Frameworks are introduced as well as an introduction of the Cisco SAFE security methodology. Business and relational realities when selling to executives is covered from a job role approach. This is culminated with a group exercise in presenting a solution to an executive with instructor and class critique.

Days 2 and 3 will cover the Cisco SAFE security methodology and how to identify the actual core components required to secure business workflows in any place in the network whether it the cloud, datacenter, remote branch, main campus, etc. The training will culminate in an individual exercise running through the initial SAFE processes and performing a Gap analysis of their choosing. This will be individually critiqued by the instructor providing feedback and guidance for an effective personal learning experience.

PLEASE NOTE: A Cisco.com ID with partner-level access is required to register for this training. If you do not have a Cisco.com ID, you can register here. If your Cisco.com ID does not have partner-level access, please contact your company's partner administrator or the Cisco Partner Relations Team at 1-800-GO-CISCO (Option 5, Option 2, Option 1).

Who should attend

  • Sales Representatives
  • Account Managers (AMs)
  • Virtual Sales and Cybersecurity Sales Specialists from Cisco and the Cisco Partner and Distributor community


Mandatory Prerequisites-

  • Cisco employees are expected to have Stage I and Stage II completed – content and quiz (https://salesconnect.cisco.com/#/program/PAGE-11528)
  • Partner attendees are required to have Stage I and at least 1 competency of Stage II of the Fire Jumper for AM (Sales) training: Network Security, Advanced Threat, Visibility & Enforcement, Cloud, Web & Email.

NOTE- This course will NOT cover rudimentary concepts from earlier stages. The pace of the course will not be slowed down for those that do not have the required baseline knowledge.

Course Objectives

The Fire Jumper Stage III & IV workshop will teach and prepare you to practice the following:

  • Cybersecurity compliance trends (SANS Top 20, Forrester, ISO 27000, NIST)
  • Introduction and overview of Zero-Trust (ZT) and an example of applying ZT concepts
  • Introduction to the Cisco SAFE Architecture (AM/Sales Level) factors affecting productive cybersecurity sales discussions
  • Techniques for growing your customer relationships into a Trusted Advisor role
  • Coverage of the Cisco SAFE Workflow process and Worksheets
  • Equipping you with the skills and resources needed to facilitate a Cisco SAFE AM Workshop including how to perform a SAFE Gap Analysis with your customers
  • Participate in a scenario that requires you to create and present a Place In Network (PIN) diagram and walk through the SAFE progression for that PIN
  • Additionally, coaching from the instructor will be provided and you will leave the scenario session with the tools needed to introduce the Cisco SAFE architecture discussion into any engagement.

Outline: Fire Jumper for Account Managers: Stage III and IV (FJAM)

Day 1- Stage III:

  • Solution set worksheet creation and exercise
  • Introduction to what a Cyber Security Framework is and common paradigms affecting 2020
  • Cisco SAFE architecture introduction/orientation towards a security platform
  • Zero Trust concept introduction and overview
  • Business drivers and C-suite discussion points
  • Trusted Advisor role training
  • Solution set exercise

Days 2 & 3- Stage IV:

  • Cisco SAFE workshop review
  • History of security architecture and where we are today
  • How SAFE is a Zero Trust model
  • Review of workshop pre-setup documents
  • SAFE techtorial on capabilities and architectures, including gap analysis
  • SAFE toolkit review
  • SAFE example walkthrough
  • SAFE individual exercise
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days

  • Canada:
    Country: CA
    CAD 3,955
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 30 CLC

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