Configuring, Optimizing & Troubleshooting Cisco Meraki Wireless Workshop (MERAKI)


Course Content

This 1 day workshop has been developed by Fast Lane to provide students with the skills to configure, optimise and troubleshoot a Cisco Meraki wireless solution. Through instructor led demonstrations and lessons, students will learn how to install and optimise Meraki access points to provide a seamless user experience, and gain a thorough understanding of diagnosing and resolving any issues that may arise.

Who should attend

IT professionals working with Cisco Meraki wireless products


It is assumed delegates will already have a general understanding of wireless networking before attending this workshop. Students who do not posess these pre-requisite skills are advised to complete the 'Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials' e-learning.

Course Objectives

Following completion of this workshop, students will understand how to:

  • Connect Meraki access points
  • Navigate the dashboard
  • Understand the monitoring and reporting features
  • Troubleshoot device functionality and test network coverage

Outline: Configuring, Optimizing & Troubleshooting Cisco Meraki Wireless Workshop (MERAKI)

Module 1 - Wireless Overview

Module 2 - Meraki Wireless Hardware

  • Meraki AP Indoor Portfolio
  • Meraki AP Outdoor Portfolio
  • Antennas

Module 3 - Meraki: Connecting a Meraki AP

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Add an Access Point
  • AP – Management
  • VLAN Tagging

Module 4 - Meraki: SSID

  • Creating SSIDs
  • SSID Availability
  • SSID IP Assignment and Roaming Modes
  • Encryption and Authentication
  • Configuring and Using Splash Pages
  • Meraki Cloud Hosted Attention
  • Central Web Auth (CWA) with Cisco ISE
  • Adult content Filtering
  • Layer 3 Firewall Rules
  • Layer 7 Firewall Rules
  • Bandwidth Rules
  • Shaping Rules
  • QoS
  • NAC
  • Group Policy
  • Blacklisting

Module 5 - Meraki: Radio Settings

  • Configuring the Radio
  • Wireless RF Spectrum
  • TX Power
  • Band Steering
  • Rates

Module 6 - Meraki: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Air Marshal
  • Packet Capture
  • Maps
  • Configuring Network Alerts
  • Managing Clients
  • AP Tools
  • Summary Reports
  • PCI Reports
  • Firmware Upgrade

Module 7 - Meraki Analytics

Module 8 - High Density Recommendations

  • High Density
  • Mobile Dashboard App
  • AP Setup for Survey Mode

Instructor Demo Labs:

Demo Lab 1

  • Connect to Meraki Dashboard
  • Connect Access Point
  • Verify Switch Configuration
  • Verify AP Connectivity
  • AP tags
  • Demo Templates

Demo Lab 2

  • Create PSK SSID in Nat Mode
  • Verify Connectivity – DNS address
  • Add Splash Page
  • Change the schedule, tag the SSID, Hide the SSID
  • Create Hotspot SSID
  • Sign on with Facebook

Demo Lab 3

  • Creating WLAN – Local 802.1x verifying connectivity
  • Creating WLAN - Self Registration
  • Creating WLAN in Mode–802.1x External Radius Server (ISE)

Demo Lab 4

  • Optimizing Traffic: WLAN for Firewall and Traffic Shaping
  • Creating Group Polices and Blacklisting
  • Applying to the SSID

Demo Lab 5

  • Verify Radio Settings
  • Disable 802.11b
  • Enable Band Steering
  • Disable 2.4 GHZ

Demo Lab 6

  • Troubleshooting Tools
    • Maps
    • Network Alerts
    • Syslog
    • Event Logs
    • Clients
    • AP tools
    • Summary Reports
    • PCI compliant Report

Demo Lab 7

  • Network Wide General
    • Network Administrators
    • Traffic analysis
    • Client privacy
    • Packet capture
    • Device configuration
    • Default block message
  • Organisation > configuration sync
  • Remote Connection directly to the Meraki AP

Demo Lab 8

  • Analytics
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Duration 1 day

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