Cisco NCS 2000 Series Deploying 96-Channel Flex Spectrum (OPT201) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

  • Lab 1: Start the Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) and access NCS 2006 shelves
  • Lab 2: Configure the Cisco Transport Planner (CTP) and create FlexSpectrum Networks
  • Lab 3: Set up the two-node Flex Spectrum network
  • Lab 4: Install optical-channel network circuits and inspect power levels
  • Lab 5: Set 10x10 card mode and 10G transponder ports
  • Lab 6: Install internal connections and optical-channel client connections
  • Lab 7: Install 40G transponders on colorless ports and change the wavelength
  • Lab 8: Explore maintenance and performance monitoring capabilities
  • Lab 9: Troubleshooting Flex Spectrum