Cisco Stealthwatch Network (SNO)


Résumé du cours

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The Stealthwatch for Network Operations course is designed for customers who are new to the Stealthwatch System and face specific challenges related to network health and maintenance on a daily basis. The course focuses on using the Stealthwatch System to complete both “proactive” and “reactive” activities required to maintain network health.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course focuses on new users of Cisco Stealthwatch. This course is intended for customers whose role is to use the Cisco Stealthwatch System to monitor network performance.


  • Flow Basics
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Overview and Components
  • Cisco Stealthwatch SMC Client Interface Overview

Outline: Cisco Stealthwatch Network (SNO)

Workflows for Proactive Monitoring

  • Validate Exporters
  • Proactive with Hosts and Host Groups
  • Proactive by Using Maps
  • Proactive with Host Locking
  • Proactive with Custom Security Events
  • Proactive with Policy Management
  • Proactive with Response Management
  • Proactive with Custom Documents

Reactive Workflows

  • Reacting to Overloading Interfaces
  • Reactive to Network Issues Where the Host IP is Known
  • Reacting to Slow Response
  • Reacting to New Devices and Unknown Devices Added to the Network
  • Reacting to Reocurring Issues on the Network
  • Documenting Investigations After Resolution

Lab Outline

  • Validate Exporters
  • Manage Hosts and Host Groups
  • Utilize Maps
  • Configure Host Locking Rules
  • Create Custom Security Events
  • Manage Policies
  • Set Response Management Rules
  • View Current Interfaces
  • Investigate Slow Response

Prix & Delivery methods

Formation en ligne

2 jours

  • Online Training : CAD 3 900,–
  • Online Training : US$ 3 000,–
  • Cisco Learning Credits : 30
Formation en salle équipée

2 jours

  • Canada : CAD 3 900,–
  • Cisco Learning Credits : 30


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