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Applying Design Thinking for AI (DSAIB05)


A qui s'adresse cette formation

You are a business or technical practitioner interested in learning more about artificial intelligence.


  • Develop a design thinking mindset to help solve the adaptive challenge in DSAI.
  • Putting design thinking into practice for an DSAI initiative or opportunity.

Outline: Applying Design Thinking for AI (DSAIB05)

Topic 1: Intro to Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking basics in a modern context
  • Understanding your users and how to draw empathy
  • Develop user personas
  • Build a stakeholder map of your user’s realm of influence

Topic 2: Finding Opportunities

  • Finding IoT opportunities by mapping your user journey map
  • Journey map – to identify which parts of your user’s experience can be improved using IoT.

Topic 3: Delivering Disruption

  • Co-creation: Learn how to ideate with your users
  • Scoping and delivering an idea to market
  • Best practices for ideation workshop

Topic 4: Design Thinking and how it is adopted in your Enterprise

  • Identifying early roadblocks in adopting design thinking in enterprise

Topic 5: Adoption Approach and key metrics and markers for a DSAI Project

  • Activity - defining the approach, metrics and markers for an DSAI Project using an DSAI case study.

Topic 6: Designing Metrics

  • Activity – observable metrics and current state of a business prior to commencing an DSAI project.

Topic 7: Creating an Action Plan

  • Activity – create an action plan with accompanying metrics for an DSAI Project.

Topic 8: Review of Enterprise DSAI Case Study: How Design Thinking added value to an DSAI Project.

  • Activity – Group Discussion
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Durée 1 jour

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