Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline Bypass Solutions (ILB SOLUTIONS)



This 1-day course focuses how to best design and implement the Gigamon Inline Bypass Solution. Training is conducted through comprehensive discussions, real-world use cases, and practical hands-on labs. If you are planning on implementing Classic or Flexible inline solutions as part of your Gigamon deployment, this is a great additional day of training to help you achieve success

A qui s'adresse cette formation

The primary target audiences for the course are:

  • Security Ops teams that need to understand how Gigamon Inline Bypass Solutions function in relation to deploying solution utilizing these features.
  • Network Ops teams that are familiar with Gigamon, but will be implementing a Classic or Flexible Inline Bypass solution. These include roles like architects, admins, operators.


    Mandatory Requirement: Customers must have knowledge of or have taken the Gigamon Foundations course before they take this one day follow-on course. Gigamon Foundation: Learn the Essentials to Start on the Road to Success (GFND)

    As a follow on course to Gigamon Foundations course, learners are expected to understand these 2 key KSAs:

    • Basic Flow Mapping
    • Fabric Manager Navigation


    • Understand the different uses for Classic and Flexible inline solutions
    • Learn design considerations important when implementing a inline solution
    • Implement Classic and Flexible inline solutions
    • Understand how to implement in line resiliency
    • Learn best practices and how to overcome common challenges

      Outline: Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline Bypass Solutions (ILB SOLUTIONS)

      1. Inline Bypass Foundations

      • Flowmapping and Inline Solutions Overview
      • Classic Inline bypass solutions Overview
      • Flexible inline bypass solutions Overview

      2. Designing and implementing classic Inline Bypass solutions (With Lab)

      • Design Consideration
      • Implementation

      3. Designing and implementing Flexible Inline Bypass solutions. (With Lab)

      • Design Consideration
      • Implementation

      4. Implementing Resiliency

      • GRIP
      • RIA
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      Durée 1 jour

      • CAD 1 295,-
      Classroom training

      Durée 1 jour

      • Canada: CAD 1 295,-
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