Microsoft Teams Advanced User Training (2204)


Résumé du cours

This training will show advanced users how create and manage Teams as well as the Office 365 structure behind every Team. Students will learn everything from what Teams is, what it is used for, best practices, and its features that set it apart from other applications. Students will be presented a variety of usage scenarios in which the capabilities of Teams will be explained in a live demonstration. Students will be encouraged to participate and ask questions during this training session.

Outline: Microsoft Teams Advanced User Training (2204)

Microsoft Teams Introduction

  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Why use Teams?
  • Teams vs other tools

The environment

  • Teams interface
  • Navigation Teams
  • How to Find a Team
  • How to join a Team
  • Create a Team
  • Public, Private, and Org-wide Teams
  • Office 365 groups and SharePoint’s roll in Teams Managing Teams
  • How to manage member access
  • How to edit a Team
  • How to delete a team
  • Teams settings
  • Member permissions
  • Creating a join code
  • External Team Access Channels
  • What are channels?
  • Create a channel
  • Private vs public channels
  • Manage channels
  • Channel tabs
  • Add a tab to a channel
  • App considerations
  • Connected other needed office tools including older SharePoint sites


  • Channel Chat
  • Private Conversations Meetings
  • Create meetings
  • Reserving rooms when creating meeting invites
  • Adding a room to an existing meeting invite
  • Joining Meetings
  • Managing meetings
  • Conference controls while in a meeting
  • Present content
  • Whiteboard
  • Meeting notes
  • Recording meetings
  • Manage participants
  • External attendees’ access
  • Meetings hosted in a channel vs a standard Teams meeting

Managing files

  • How to access files in Teams
  • How to add files to a team channel
  • How to edit Files in Teams

Other Office tools in Teams

  • Understanding SharePoint in Teams
  • Managing SharePoint file access in Teams
  • Creating and adding additional SharePoint content to a Team
  • OneDrive access in Teams
  • How to use and manage OneDrive

Wrap Up and Q&A

Prix & Delivery methods

Formation en ligne

1 jour

  • Online Training : CAD 295,–
  • Online Training : US$ 295,–
Formation en salle équipée

1 jour

  • Canada : CAD 295,–


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