Certified Network Forensic Examiner (CNFE)



The Certified Network Forensics Examiner, C)NFE, certification was developed for a U.S. classified government agency. It’s purpose is to push students with a digital and network forensic skill set to the next level.

In this course you will navigate through 20+ modules of network forensic topics. The C)NFE provides practical experience through our lab exercises that simulate real-world scenarios covering investigation and recovery of data in network.

Other topics include:

  • Physical Interception
  • Traffic Acquisition
  • Analysis
  • Wireless Attacks

The C)NFE focuses on centralizing and investigating logging systems as well as network devices. Take your forensics career to the next level with Mile2’s Network Forensics Engineer course

A qui s'adresse cette formation

  • Digital and Network Forensics Examiners
  • IS Managers
  • Network Auditors
  • IT Managers


Cette formation prépare à la/aux certifications:


Suggested Prior Knowledge

  • 2 years networking experience
  • 2 years in IT Security
  • Working Knowledge of TCPIP


Upon completion, Certified Network Forensics Examiner students will have knowledge to perform network forensic examinations. Be able to accurately report on their findings, and be ready to sit for the C)NFE exam.

Outline: Certified Network Forensic Examiner (CNFE)

  • Module 1: Digital Evidence Concepts
  • Module 2: Network Evidence Challenges
  • Module 3: Network Forensics Investigative Methodology
  • Module 4: Network-Based Evidence
  • Module 5: Network Principles
  • Module 6: Internet Protocol Suite
  • Module 7: Physical Interception
  • Module 8: Traffic Acquisition Software
  • Module 9: Live Acquisition
  • Module 10: Analysis
  • Module 11: Layer 2 Protocol
  • Module 12: Wireless Access Points
  • Module 13: Wireless Capture Traffic and Analysis
  • Module 14: Wireless Attacks
  • Module 15: NIDS_Snort
  • Module 16: Centralized Logging and Syslog
  • Module 17: Investigating Network Devices
  • Module 18: Web Proxies and Encryption
  • Module 19: Network Tunneling
  • Module 20: Malware Forensics

Prix & Delivery methods

Formation en ligne

5 jours

  • Online Training : CAD 4 550,–
  • Online Training : US$ 3 500,–
Formation en salle équipée

5 jours

  • Canada : CAD 4 550,–


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