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Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence (USISI)



  • ITSI features and user interface
  • Creating Glass Tables
  • Managing Notable Events
  • Investigating with Deep Dives

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This one-day course is designed for analyst users who want to use Splunk IT Service Intelligence to manage, analyze, and optimize their IT services. Those who will implement Splunk IT Service Intelligence, please enroll in Implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence instead.


Strongly recommended:

  • Using Splunk (ILT or eLearning)
  • Searching and reporting with Splunk (ILT)

Outline: Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence (USISI)

Module 1 – Introducing ITSI

  • Identify what ITSI does
    • ITSI Dashboards
    • Key Concepts
    • Use Cases
  • Examine the ITSI user interface
    • Service analyzer
    • KPIs
    • Roles

Module 2 – Visualizing Services with Glass Tables

  • Describe glass tables
  • Use glass tables
  • Design glass tables
    • Planning
    • Views
    • Edit mode
  • Configure glass tables
    • Drill down
    • KPIs
    • Ad-hoc searches
    • Service swapping

Module 3 – Managing Notable Events

  • Define key notable events terms and their relationships
    • Multi-KPI alerts
    • Notable events
    • Notable group events
    • How multi KPI alerts generate notable events
  • Describe examples of multi-KPI alerts
    • Composite
    • Status
  • Describe the notable events workflow
    • Take ownership
    • Change status as needed
    • Comment as needed
  • Work with notable events
    • Details
    • Event actions
    • Integrations
    • Views
    • Filters
    • Grouping

Module 4 – Investigating Issues with Deep Dives

  • Describe deep dive concepts and their relationships
    • Default
    • Custom
    • Swim lanes
  • Use default deep dives
  • Create and customize new custom deep dives
  • Add and configure swim lanes
    • Metric lane
    • KPI lane
    • Event lane
  • Custom views
    • Bulk actions
    • Thresholds
    • Graph rendering
    • Overlays
    • Overlays as lanes
    • View modules
  • Describe effective workflows for troubleshooting
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Durée 1 jour

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Durée 1 jour

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Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Europe/Ljubljana Langue: Anglais S'inscrire