Sales & Business Transformation

Fully embracing and supporting the whole product life cycle of our vendor partners, sales and business transformation training is close to our heart as it is the first pillar of our three-step education framework – How to Sell – Why to Buy – How to Operate.

The first step when launching any product or solution is to enable sales teams to first understand all of the business aspects followed by the key technical details in order to have successful conversations will all stakeholders and buying centers of a particular customer.

As the only true global Cisco Business Learning Partner (BLP), Fast Lane is especially qualified and equipped to develop, customize and deliver state-of-the-art business transformation and sales courses. It speaks for itself that Fast Lane is closely aligned with various Cisco business units and channel teams helping their product launch and go-to-market initiatives. Our “how to sell” offering is structured as follows:

  • Cisco Business Transformation Curriculum & Certification
  • Business & IT Convergence Curriculum
  • Fast Lane “How to Sell” Series

Cisco has become a leader in recognizing the importance of understanding the business side of investing and deploying advanced technologies. To that end, Cisco announced a new curriculum and associated certifications that support the business side of technology adoption. The new certifications will help to identify and enable individuals who can best support customers' long-term strategic objectives and consistently align business priorities with technology strategies.


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These trainings and certifications will help you to:

  • Use a relationship-focused approach to improve decision-making
  • Effectively apply business value analysis techniques
  • Accelerate customer investment decisions and results through a consultative, business focus
  • Apply best practices and gain consistent, high quality results
  • Use architectures, smart solutions and services to reduce risk and improve time-to-results

This series of courses is comparable to the “Understand & Believe” modules of our Business & IT Convergence Curriculum but more focused on a particular product or solution. All courses in this series are approved by Cisco and are either part of the Cisco BLP or the Cisco Partner Plus program.

Understand & Believe Modules

Cisco Business Sales Skills

IT companies, system integrators and IT consulting firms are facing major challenges caused by a fundamental change of customer behavior due to a rapid convergence of business and technology.

  • IT is no longer only supporting the infrastructure but is deploying and supporting the strategic platform for any organization’s development. Infrastructure and applications must be aligned with corporate strategy in order to contribute significant value.
  • More and more IT budgets are allocated outside the IT department due to business requirements. Beyond plain technical features, the functionality and value of complex IT solutions must be “translated“ into business terms.
  • As investments in IT are growing, managers ask for financial returns, value creation and other measures of success. IT investments must be linked with strategic and operative goals.

This rapidly changing environment requires a new sales style. Besides acquiring increased knowledge about technologies, account teams must learn and apply new practices and skills to resonate with stakeholders outside of IT. In cooperation with our partner Triangility, Fast Lane is offering a comprehensive sales force transformation program designed to support account teams mastering this convergence.

While the sales skills related courses should be taken in their recommended order, the element Understand & Believe includes various solution oriented modules that can be consumed at any time or independent of the entire program. These solution (technology) oriented modules cover some of Cisco’s key architectures and are helping to translate technology into business value.

Sales skills (sales process) related courses

  • !CI-BIC-DTC – Discover & Qualify
  • !CI-BIC-ESH – Tell, Show & Resonate
  • !CI-BIC-CBC – Convince & Close
  • !CI-BIC-BTL – Enable & Adopt

Solution (technology) related courses – Understand & Believe