Business Solutions

Education Services

Fast Lane has a long tradition in helping our customers achieve their training and business objectives. Starting with the delivery of thousands of IT, Business and Soft Skills courses delivered in multiple countries and more than a dozen languages, Fast Lane also boasts a strong track record of providing a variety of services related to the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Managed Services

With years of experience on a global basis, we have everything it takes to manage training programs of any size. Our managed services allow our customers to completely outsource their training programs as we will take care of every aspect including a customized LMS, customized websites, curriculum management, training paths, scheduling, registration, delivery logistics, delivery environment, course evaluations, instructors, labs, student material, on-demand content, mentoring, and more.

Customized Education Programs

Such programs are a subset of our managed services where the focus is on customizing or tailoring the courseware to ensure it is a perfect match for your needs. We offer solutions for every size and budget, ranging from certification bootcamps and tailored education programs to large scale talent programs, global enablement and demand generation programs.

For an example of a Customized Education Program, view our Data Center Talent Program.

Content Development

As the leading courseware developer for several of our vendor partners, Fast Lane also develops a significant amount of unique offerings designed and owned by Fast Lane. With years of experience we are well positioned to meet many training needs by producing highly individualized training materials focused on helping our customers achieve their technical and business goals.

Learning on Demand

Consumption models for training are changing. Students don’t always prefer to attend scheduled instructor-led offerings. Embracing those changes, we offer a broad portfolio of on-demand offerings ranging from classical e-Learning and on-demand videos to on-demand lab access as well as comprehensive content libraries.