Business Solutions

Seminar As A Service
Fast Lane´s Seminar-as-a-Service™ Team provides you with a turn-key solution to bring expert-driven events to your existing and potential customers. Rather than using traditional marketing to grow your customer relationships, let Fast Lane educate your customers on the latest solution designs addressing today´s pressing IT concerns.

Data Center Talent Program
The Data Center Talent Program (DCTP) takes relatively new technology professionals and turns them into highly-certified multi-vendor Data Center specialists.

VIP Partner Program
This exciting new program provides incentives to our reseller partners and their sales representatives for the internal use of Fast Lane IT training services and the reselling of Fast Lane IT training to their customers.

Content Development
Fast Lane develops content for its own portfolio and also provides fee-based development services for our partners and customers.

Fast Lane's Government Training Solutions
Fast Lane works with all government agencies to provide the full range of IT, InfoSec and management skills training which can be customized, or delivered in boot-camp format.