Our Technologies

Our portfolio of offerings addresses the complexity and the impact of the latest transformative technologies that are widely thought to be the keys to next generation IT, sometimes called The Third Platform or The Third Wave in IT. While transformational technologies are providing the platform for digital business, eventually it’s all about business outcomes and user experience. The IT ecosystem of the future will be distributed, software based, multi-vendor, automated and highly secure and reliable. We at Fast Lane have identified several key solution areas to achieve these desired business outcomes.


What started with the virtualization of computing resources (servers) to achieve better utilization and flexibility is now the basis for most IT solutions. Now, storage and networking are also being virtualized and therefore the conversation includes the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).

Cloud Computing

Based on virtualization technologies, Cloud Computing enables companies to consume compute resources as a utility. It enables convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable (computing) resources that can be provisioned and released with minimal management effort. This enables superior economies of scale compared to traditional IT infrastructures.

Enterprise Mobility

Supporting more and more employees working out of the office using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks can be challenging to say the least. In order to run business applications and access corporate data from mobile devices, critical areas like Identity, Mobile Management and Security need to be addressed.


Connecting billions of devices of all kinds to the Internet is producing an enormous amount of data that by itself is quite useless unless properly managed and analyzed in order to gain insights leading to desired business outcomes.

IoT / Connected Enterprise

In this era of hyper connectivity and the consumerization of IT, whole industries are being disrupted by new, more efficient means of accomplishing business objectives and creating business value. Every business sector is experiencing massive changes creating new opportunities for revenue growth, process efficiencies and ways of doing things that were unimaginable even five years ago.


Today, everyone is on the go and needs to stay connected no matter where they are - home, work or in between. End users now expect many of their IoT-related experiences in their personal lives to also be available in their professional lives.

Cyber Security

Securing a corporate network and web presence connected to the Internet was difficult in 2000. Now, the proliferation of consumer devices in the workplace and connecting everything from machines and sensors (IoT) to cars and cattle, the challenge to security teams is at the breaking point.

Customer / Workforce Experience

Most businesses realize it is no longer an option to rely on old means of managing their workforce and engaging their customers. Using digital capabilities available to them today, companies need to increase innovation, productivity and satisfaction by providing workers with a better experience and increase customer loyalty and sales with operational improvements.