Fast Lane Expert for Hire

Fast Lane offers a unique Expert-for-Hire (E4H)™ service that, when combined with training, provides a complete knowledge and skills transfer plus coaching and mentoring experience for accelerated deployments.

Using combinations of E4H™ consulting services or Q&A days with instructor-led courses, virtual online and e-learning courses, hands-on intensive labs, or seminars, Fast Lane closes knowledge and talent gaps in a timely, made-to-order, and effective manner.

E4H™ can also expand into longer-term staff augmentation engagements using any of the services listed below.

Cloud Consulting Services

Are you considering migrating to the cloud? Fast Lane can help design and implement a solution to meet your needs.

Immersion Workshops™

Fast Lane offers our Immersion Workshops™ as an added service to our customers. Immersion Workshops™ are a learning modality that focus on a specific micro topic in an expanded fashion.

Technical Services

Fast Lane offers technical services designed to enable customers to acquire knowledge and use information / infrastructure more effectively.


Sales Enablement

Sales transformation is a performance improvement methodology aimed at preparing and supporting a sales force that dramatically improves results. There are multiple paths to sales growth. Let us guide you through selecting the right initiatives to meet your goals.