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Welcome to Fast Lane – the global center for IT training. It is our mission to make IT training an innovative and exciting experience for students and employers alike.

Throughout our years of dedicated IT education support, we attracted some of the world's leading technology companies.

Today, our partners include Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Palo Alto, and many more.

Hybrid IT Learning Opportunities

We bring the class to you! No more early commutes, no more late-night classes. If you can't make it to onsite training or if you simply prefer a virtual classroom, we will deliver the IT courses to you.

With our IT training partners, we offer you and your employees access to the world's best IT instructors - at any time of the day, at any place in the world.

Our classes utilize a blended, hybrid approach that combines instructor-led courses with online materials that are always at hand.

As the official learning partner of our collaborators, we are authorized to grant valuable certificates of completion of our IT courses.

We provide skills for a future where everything is digital, automated, and connected. From small local classes to free online training, we give you the tools you need to stay relevant.

IT Training Overview by Vendor

The Importance of IT Training

Consistently improving your IT skills is a valuable, modern-day commodity. The benefits of having sharp tech skills go far beyond this industry. To prevail in today's business world, you need strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience – and we offer you both at the price of one.

To prevent future tech problems and to gain an upper hand over your competitors, you need to have your team kept up-to-date with all the freshest IT trends. In turn, this will allow you more room for collaboration and therefore it will let you become a better leader for your team.

The Benefits of IT Training

The benefits of IT training are almost too numerous to count, but we will give you a shortlist. Increasing productivity, reducing costs, saving time and money are only the tip of the IT training iceberg.

Training also enhances employee retention rates. It improves their skills and knowledge considerably. It adapts their skillset to the industry in which they are working. IT training will teach your employees to become more responsible tech users. It will also show them that you, as an employer, care for them. Besides feeling valued, they will grow to become more confident in their roles.

IT Training for Individuals and Teams

At Fast Lane, we have learned that we all have our preferred way of learning. No two individuals are alike, and no two teams are the same. For this reason, we have developed our courses to help you discover your preferred way of learning – either by attending a physical classroom or by learning in a safe, digital environment at your own place.