Michael Hogue
DISA Global Operations Command

"Could not be happier with the quality of Mike Kovacs' presentation. Very clear. Mike's obviously vast knowledge and experience was extremely helpful in his explanations of concepts presented."


Himanshu Sharma
Bloomberg LP

"Excellent job by Susanne. Kept it very interactive even on a remote WebEx session. Kept the course interesting even when theory lecture were long. Very satisfied."

Ryan Morris
Senior Director

"It has only been a few months since we decided to partner with Fast Lane and they have quickly become an extension of our team. My Account Managers have no issue introducing them directly to our key customers because they are responsive and exceedingly professional. The only standard across the Federal Government is that there is no standard. Every customer that we support across Civilian, DOD, and the Intelligence Community have distinct mission needs and corresponding training requirements. Fast Lane has been willing to customize their curriculum to ensure that our customers receive certification while retaining skills required to operate in their unique environment."

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Kelsey Halverson
Thomson Reuters
Storage Engineer

"Wygant Courter is a fantastic instructor. I would take any class he teaches, even if it's the dryest material! The course itself was great, I learned a lot and it helped reinforce the knowledge I already had. I advise taking the administration class first, as it really helps to understand this course in full."

Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA)

David Ivey
Peak UpTime
Senior Network Administrator

"I thought the class was fantastic and went a long way towards answering some of the mysteries about systems we already have in place!"

Alex Rottinghaus

"Mr. Kobbs did an excellent job of holding our attention. He was able to very quickly identify the class's current skill level and adjust his instruction on the fly to make the content the most relevent information for us. He was able to handle difficult questions and was very understanding of students off topic questions."

Mark Coffey

"I was very satisfied with the class and content. The instructor was very good at explaining the material. The depth of the material was exactly as advertised. I am very happy I took the class."


David Simeone
STAR TPR- Datalink

"One of the best training classes I've ever attended and I've attended a lot over the years! Anne is a good instructor. She was very thorough with the content and very attentive to the students."


Adam Morales
County of Santa Cruz
Assistant Information Center Systems Analyst

"LJ was a great teacher, extremely patient and she went at a very appropriate pace. She made herself available for all of our questions for labs."

Managing NAS and Performance on Clustered Data ONTAP (NASPAD)

Scott Shook
Amkor Technology
Senior Storage Engineer

"Debbie was exceptional at presenting the material and providing relevant, real world examples. I'd highly recommend colleagues to enroll in courses instructed by Debbie."

Robert Smith
Enterprise Systems Engineer

"Ken Foster is deeply knowledgeable on OnCommand Insight and brings his real world experience to the training, making it immediately relevant. He's also an extremely good communicator who anticipates possible misunderstandings and makes everything clear and straightforward."


Errol Haye
Network Engineer

"Bill is very knowledge and proved very effective in training delivery. He also ensured he was meeting our expectations while adhering to the course content and delivery timelines."

!Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design (DCUCD)

Zhani Pellumbi
New York Presbyterian Hospital

"Great instructor with very valuable real world experience. Instructor welcomed class participation and created an interactive environment where we were able to solidify new concepts and skills learned in class. Instructors real world experience also allowed him to further explain how this solution is implemented and deployed in various industries across the country."


Paul Edelbrock
World Wide Technology, Inc.
Consulting Solutions Architect

"Mr. Kovacs industry and subject matter expertise provided for an overall outstanding educational experience. I look forward to my next Fast Lane course!"


Woody Dunbar Jr.
Verizon Wireless

"Tony was able to answer the questions that the class presented to him. We were allowed to post additional information to help the class on questions that Tony was unable to answer. Tony allowed knowledge to be shared among the team."


Elmer Bantay
State Street Corporation
Storage Admin

"Mike was very helpful with students especially during labs. He showcased expertise in the class with his experience and knowledge in the IT industry."

Richard Armentrout

"Terry has real world knowledge in all areas of FlexPod. He is very effective in using that knowledge and experience and presenting it in a training environment. His Whiteboarding technique (over a WebEx) was very effective! His patience and willingness to help in the labs was effective. This was probably one of the best courses I have ever taken. I was locked in all 3 days and this has been a big help to get me over the wall in being comfortable in all areas of FlexPod. Thank You."

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)

John Mapes
Southwest Airlines

"James was a very effective teacher. His in depth knowledge of the product was wonderful."

Nathan Hawkins
Southwest Airlines

"James Watson is 5 stars all the way. Great examples/metaphors, very interested in the product and making sure we understood the product before moving on."

!Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE)

Nathan Johannessen
Dickey's BBQ
Systems Analyst

"Kyle Allen was awesome. His skills definitely reflect through the training course. I feel confident now to go into the real world with my newly acquired skills and implement them immediately. Kyle was very helpful and informative. I really appreciate his assistance on everything. Overall Kyle Allen rocks."

Prakash Jhurani
Cisco Systems

"Tarun Pahuja is an instructor above par. He has global knowledge of various technologies and it's easy to put him on the spot and he is prompt to come up with an answer / solution. I love this type of one on one when I am training with him. I would recommend him anytime / anywhere. Excellent, Awesome, Dynamic Personality. Would love to have him as my instructor for any future courses. Shared great knowledge of Wireless, Security and other overall technologies. Tarun Pahuja is an asset."


David Faggel

"My experiences with the course having Karim V. as my instructor were excellent. He possesses a deep knowledge and passion for technology that he utilized in a very effective manner through his teaching method. I will highly recommend Karim to my counter parts and peers. Karim has been in tech for quit a long time and his experiences were translated through his teaching method. All of the students could relate regardless of our own skill sets."

Cisco Identity Services Engine v1.3 New Product Introduction (ISE 1.3 NPI)

Paul Roberts
Cisco Systems
Security Engineer

"Very good instructor. He added other experiences and knowledge above and beyond the course material which was of great value."