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Prove that you have the ability to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of the IT industry with Cisco Certifications – a confirmation that you have the mandatory skills to manage and optimize the latest and most advanced networks.

Fast Lane covers networking basics, IP services, security essentials, automation, and programmability. Even the Cisco beginner certifications will confirm you have the mandatory skills to manage and optimize the latest and most advanced networks.

Take your career in any direction with certified Cisco courses. By earning a certification from Cisco, you demonstrate the caliber and rigor that companies see as essential for meeting and exceeding the current market demands.

Next-level Cisco Certifications at a Glance (Download PDF)

Technology Entry Associate Professional Expert Architect

Enterprise Networking

CCT Routing & Switching


CCNP Enterprise

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure


Network Design

CCT Routing & Switching


CCNP Enterprise



CCT Routing & Switching


CCNP Enterprise

CCIE Enterprise Wireless


CCT Collaboration


CCNP Collaboration

CCIE Collaboration


CCT Routing & Switching


CCNP Security

CCIE Security

Service Provider

CCT Routing & Switching


CCNP Service Provider

CCIE Service Provider

Data Center

CCT Data Center


CCNP Data Center

CCIE Data Center


DevNet Associate

DevNet Professional

DevNet Expert

Cyber Ops

Cyber Ops Associate

Cyber Ops Professional

What changes?
  • Introduced Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Specialist and Professional certifications
  • Prerequisites removed for certifications at the associate and professional levels
  • Continuing education for all
  • Recognition for completing training courses
  • Consolidated and updated CCNA training and certification
  • Your choice of concentration exams at the professional level
  • Streamlined certification paths
  • New lifetime tenure for CCIE certificaton maintained for 20 years continuously
Further Information


CCNP Migration Tool

CCNA Migration

More information about the new certifications

The History of Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, a global phenomenon in the IT sector, was founded in San Jose, California. Cisco is a manufacturer of cutting-edge technological goods and services, as well as networking gear and software. With more than 80,000 employees today, Cisco is rated 63rd on the Fortune 100.

Benefits of Cisco Certification

While some advantages of Cisco certifications are immediately obvious, others need a closer, more in-depth examination. Check out these advantages of Cisco certifications if you're unsure whether they will be beneficial for you. In addition to taking high-quality Cisco courses, our students:

Why Get Cisco Certified?

Cisco certifications are among the most in-demand IT certifications in the world, especially in 2022. Certification is proof of your acquired Cisco skills and competencies. Cisco certifications vouch for your prowess in various Cisco-related areas. As industry-endorsed evidence, your certification will signalize your competencies to the wide world, showcasing your abilities to possible future employers or partners.

Cisco Certifications for Ambitious Individuals

People who have obtained a certification are more likely to be effective and productive at work. IT specialists who hold a useful, role-based technical certification perform 26 percent better than their uncertified peers on average.

Being more productive and efficient results in increased pay, more promotions, and a bigger voice in your business. About 35% of certified professionals assert that becoming certified resulted in a raise in pay, and 26% say they received a promotion as a result.

Cisco Certifications for Successful Organizations

Although it's no secret, many people still don't understand that strong employees are the foundation of any flourishing business.

The key to success is having employees who are highly skilled and trained. Your workforce's training will put you ahead of the competition.