Cyber Security Services

High-security environments for your business

Enterprises are relying more than ever on their IT environments, deploying cutting-edge communications infrastructures such as clouds, tablets, smartphones, wireless and collaboration technologies, and intelligent data center and storage solutions. At the same time, cybercrime is rising rapidly and posing ever greater challenges for businesses.

Security for your infrastructures, data and systems before it's too late.

We offer strategic and conceptual consulting in all aspects of cyber security. Our security experts have detailed and up-to-date security know-how, comprehensive security certifications and many years of project experience. Many of our security specialists have worked on various projects with government, military and financial organizations.

Cyber Security Services at a Glance

Strategic Consulting

When analyzing your current and planned security architecture, we support you in making faster and more confident decisions.

IT Security Services

Our IT security experts are available to assist you with mission-critical tasks such as patch management, system hardening, network security configurations or security audits.

Penetration Tests

Did you know that 90 percent of all IT systems have vulnerabilities? Learn how to effectively protect yourself against criminal attacks and close potential security gaps in your systems!

Cyber Intelligence Services

Be aware of security risks to your business before they become serious issues! We offer companies proactive monitoring of information security threats.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We support you in the detailed investigation of an IT security incident and prepare a detailed report.

Risk Management & Compliance Services

Our experts are specially trained and certified to help you comply with the policies, legal regulations and standards relevant to your business.

Featured Security Services

Active Directory Security Analysis

Security analysis with recommended action to harden your Microsoft Active Directory

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Penetration tests

Analysis of the security of your IT systems from the perspective of highly specialized attackers

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