VMware Certifications

vmware trainingFast Lane offers world-class certification programs to ensure and validate the technical competencies and expertise needed to install, manage, deploy and support VMware software. Recognized by the industry, VMware certifications are available for three distinct skill levels on the current version of VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter Server and VMware View for desktop virtualization.

Gain the in-depth skills and industry-recognized certification on VMware technology today! Whether you are advancing your current position or looking for new opportunities, the VMware Certified Professional Program is designed for any technical individual -- partners, end-users, resellers, and consultants - who wants to demonstrate his or her expertise in virtual infrastructure and increase his or her potential for career advancement. Read about our different programs and take your first step towards gaining the in-depth skills and industry recognition offered by VMware Certifications.

Just Announced! VMware Advanced Certifications

VMware Certified Advanced Professional program, with specialties in Datacenter Administration and Datacenter Design, has been added to the existing VMware Certification program. The new tier differentiates and acknowledges professionals that have continued to grow and develop their virtualization skills beyond the VCP certification and also serves as a stepping stone to the elite VCDX certification level.

EMAN cert category: #3283, vmware-certified-professional (US)
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