Cisco IoT Enablement

Cisco, renown for providing the infrastructure for the Internet, has a greatly expanded role in the Internet of Things—beyond unparalleled capabilities in terms of communications. Cisco has built out extensive software and services enabling the rapid adoption of IoT in both industrial and enterprise settings. The Cisco IoT vision, connecting the unconnected and creating value in the new Internet of Everything, rides on not only Cisco’s capabilities, but also that of an extensive eco-system of partners. With Cisco at the core providing a secure, scalable and manageable IoT platform, and an eco-system of specialized IoT solution partners, Cisco brings the power of connecting the unconnected to an ever-growing set of use cases across every industry.

Cisco’s go-to-market partners, VARs and SIs across the globe, are critical to achieving this vision. Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ for IoT, as well as our Cisco IoT Practice Builder Workshop offer an accelerated means for channel partners to take IoT solutions to customers now, helping connect the unconnected and produce game-changing value.