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Developing Microservices (DMS) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

  • Microservices Design and Engineering: Course Outline
  • Welcome to Alta3 Research Labs
  • Vim: A Modal Text Editor
  • Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux
  • Revision Control with GitHub
  • Deploying a Monolithic Application
  • Verifying the Application Deployment
  • Developing a Service Registry
  • Connecting to a Service Registry
  • Creating Your First Microservice
  • Containerizing Your Microservice
  • Integrating Your Microservice With Your Monolith
  • Creating and Containerizing More Microservices
  • Integrating More Microservices with the Monolith
  • CHALLENGE LAB! Containerize Your Service Registry
  • Inspecting Your Microservice with mitmproxy
  • Install Jenkins
  • Use Jenkins to Test our Code
  • Deploying the Microservices with Docker Compose
  • Creating a Container Registry
  • Deploying the Microservices with Kubernetes