Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (MV-ICMT)


Course Overview

This 2-day Meraki MV Camera / MT Sensor course provides students with the skills to Deploy, Monitor, and Troubleshoot a Meraki MV/MT Solution. Students configure Organization / Network Settings using the Meraki Dashboard. Students will learn how to add Licenses, Devices, and Networks. Student will then learn how to Deploy and Configure MV Cameras / MT Sensors with Camera Profiles, Camera Settings, Access Control, Meraki Vision, and Exporting Footage. Student will then learn how to Deploy and Configure Insight and Systems Manager (EMM/MDM). Students will Monitor and Troubleshoot the Meraki MV/MT environment and learn how to diagnose and resolve the common user and Network issues.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • IT Staff and Managers
  • Network and Systems Personnel and Engineers
  • Small to mid-sized organizations that require fundamental knowledge on networking terms/concepts and configuration guidance for Meraki equipment
  • This also includes organizations looking to implement remote sites, provide a guest wireless solution, and collect user analytics



Course Objectives

Following completion of this course, students will understand, Install, Configure, Monitor, and Troubleshoot the following:

  • Adding MV Camera’s to the Dashboard
  • Physical Installation of MV Camera’s
  • Initial configuration, including video quality, retention, and wireless settings
  • Configure, Monitor, and Troubleshoot MV Camera’s
  • Video walls, motion alerts, and custom permissions
  • Manage Recording Schedule
  • Analyze video using motion heatmaps, people detection, and MV Sense
  • Use the Meraki Vision Portal to create layouts and manage Camera viewing
  • Troubleshoot devices and Connectivity

Outline: Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (MV-ICMT)

Module 0: Course Overview

Module 1: Meraki Dashboard

  • The Meraki Dashboard
  • Dashboard: Organizational Structure
  • Out-of-band Cloud Management
  • Loss of Connectivity to the Cisco Meraki Cloud
  • Meraki Dashboard Logins
  • Create Dashboard Accounts and Organization
  • Modify an Organization
  • Dashboard Search
  • Meraki Help
  • Meraki Community’s
  • Organizational Wide Settings
    • Configure
      • Configuring Organizational Wide Settings
  • Network-Wide Settings
    • Configure
      • Configuring Network Wide General Settings
        • Adding Devices to the Network
    • Monitoring Networks
      • Monitoring Clients
      • Monitoring Traffic Analytics
      • Displaying and Exploring the Meraki Topology
      • Performing Packet Captures
      • Using the event Log to Perform Troubleshooting

Module 2: Meraki MV Camera

  • Meraki MV Security Cameras Product Family
    • Indoor Cameras
    • MV12
    • MV22
    • MV32
  • Outdoor Cameras
    • MV71
    • MV72
  • MV Camera Mounts
  • MV Camera Warrant
  • MV Camera Licensing
  • MV Camera Storage
  • MV Cloud Recording
    • MV Optimized Retention
    • MV Advanced Analytics
    • MV Motion Search
  • MV Camera Video Encryption
  • MV Video and Audio Recording
  • Configuring User/admin Security
  • Configuring Camera Settings
    • Configuring Video Settings
    • Configuring Camera Analytics
    • Configuring MV Night Mode
    • Create Recording Schedule
    • Motion Based Recording
    • Configuring Camera Retention
  • View Camera Events
    • Cloud Proxy Viewing
    • Direct Streaming
  • Searching Video for Events
  • Creating Configuring Video Wall Boards
  • Troubleshooting Camera Connectivity
  • Using the Event Log for Camera Events
    • MV Firmware Management

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • Online Training: CAD 2,900
  • Online Training: US$ 2,195
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Canada: CAD 2,900


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.