Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Operations (ACSMO)


Course Overview

This five-day course covers the rich set of Cisco SD-WAN Enterprise features for advanced operations and monitoring in all environments integrating on-premises and multicloud deployments.

Students will learn Cisco SD-WAN advanced configuration, operation, and monitoring features and characteristics, such as multitenancy, high availability, application discovery, advanced policy configuration, and performance monitoring with vAnalytics. Delegates will also learn about Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for Multi-Cloud, which extends enterprise WAN to public clouds and helps to integrate public cloud infrastructure into the Cisco SD-WAN fabric, making emphasis on Azure and AWS deployments. Finally, specific troubleshooting procedures will be presented in this course to enable students to follow operational best practices in problem-solving for Cisco SD-WAN.

This hands-on Course covers the Cisco SD-WAN product and contains extensive labs to reinforce the knowledge learned.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Engineering and Planning teams for evolving WAN to multicloud
  • Personnel involved in SD-WAN Operation and Troubleshooting
  • Network Operations team with SD-WAN solution
  • Cisco partners who sell and support SD-WAN solutions


The knowledge and skills that the learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Familiarity with WAN Networks and Software Defined Networking concepts.
  • It is strongly suggested to take an SD-WAN foundational training.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Identify deployment use cases for SD-WAN
  • Deploy Plug and Play / Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Configure advanced SD-WAN features
  • Identify and explain the SD-WAN features in Cisco physical and virtual devices as well
  • Describe, deploy and follow SD-WAN operations best practices
  • Describe Cloud OnRamp (CoR) Multicloud SD-WAN deployments
  • Deploy SD-WAN CoR with Azure
  • Deploy SD-WAN CoR with AWS
  • Configure advanced Application Aware Routing features
  • Describe monitoring and troubleshooting procedures for SD-WAN
  • Describe specific troubleshooting procedures for SD-WAN Data Plane, Routing, Interfaces, and Security issues
  • Identify advanced monitoring features for SD-WAN deployments

Outline: Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Operations (ACSMO)

Module 1: Cisco SD-WAN Overview

  • Application-Level SD-WAN Solution
  • SD-WAN Controllers
  • Solution Data Plane
  • Cisco SD-WAN High Availability Solution
  • Cisco SD-WAN Scalability
  • Cisco SD-WAN Portfolio
  • Catalyst 8000V Overview
  • Cisco SD-WAN Solution Benefits
  • SD-WAN Operating System Features
  • Smart Licensing
  • Licensing Tiers

Module 2: Site Architecture and Deployment Models

  • High-Level Cisco SD-WAN Deployment Models
  • Site Capabilities
  • Catalyst 8000V Router Capacities
  • SD-WAN Use Cases
  • Catalyst 8000V in SD-WAN—Use Cases
  • Customer Deployment Use Case: Retail
  • Cisco SD-WAN Validated Designs

Module 3: Cisco SD-WAN Features Deep Dive

  • Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)
  • Cisco SD-WAN Circuit Aggregation Capabilities
  • Secure Connectivity in Cisco SD-WAN
  • Performance Tracking Mechanism
  • Application Discovery
  • Performance-Based Routing
  • Dynamic Path Selection
  • Dynamic Cloud Access
  • Cloud On-Ramp for Colocation
  • Multitenancy Capability

Module 4: Using Templates

  • Understand Elements in the configuration for any device
  • Need for Templates
  • Options to Apply Templates to Devices
  • Understand Feature Templates
  • Categories of Feature Templates
  • Workflow for Applying Templates to Devices

Module 5: Cisco SD-WAN Policy Configuration

  • Reviewing Cisco SD-WAN Policy
  • Defining Advanced Control Policies
  • Defining Advanced Data Policies
  • Implementing Application-Aware Routing
  • Implementing Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Module 6: Azure Networking

  • Introduction Azure Network Architecture
  • Understand Azure Virtual Networks
  • Implementing an Azure Virtual WAN
  • Understand Virtual Hub Routing
  • Implementing Azure Network Security
  • Managing Connectivity with Azure Network Watcher

Module 7: AWS Networking

  • Introduction AWS Network Architecture
  • Working with AWS Networking and AWS VPC
  • Implementing Transit Gateway Attachments
  • Connecting Networks with AWS Transit Gateway
  • Implementing AWS Network Security
  • Managing Connectivity with AWS CloudWatch

Module 8: Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud - Azure

  • Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Design Considerations
  • Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Integration Use Cases
  • Implement Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Multicloud with Azure
  • Implement Cisco SD-WAN Manual Integration with Azure
  • Monitoring Multicloud Integration

Module 9: Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud - AWS

  • Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Cloud Design Considerations
  • Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Cloud Integration Use Cases
  • Implement Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Multicloud with AWS
  • Implement Cisco SD-WAN Manual Integration with AWS
  • Monitoring Multicloud Integration

Module 10: Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Network Integration Troubleshooting

  • Identify AWS VPC Routing Issues
  • Identify Azure VNet Routing Issues
  • Identify and Fix Transit Gateway Attachments Association
  • Identify and Fix Virtual Hub Network Propagation
  • Identify and Fix Cisco SDWAN Multicloud Network Redistribution for Intercloud

Module 11: Application Monitoring (Including SD-AVC)

  • vManage Application Monitoring
  • How to enable DPI on SD-WAN cEdge Routers
  • Monitoring Application traffic per device/site
  • How to enable SD-AVC on vManage and push to routers.
  • Configuring application log collection parameters.

Module 12: Multicloud Network Services Integration

  • Introduction to AWS and Azure Network Services Integration
  • Design Considerations for AWS and Azure TGW and vWAN Integration
  • Understand AWS TGW and Azure vWAN Integration
  • Implementing AWS TGW and Azure vWAN Integration
  • Validate Cisco SD-WAN Multicloud Redundancy Use Case

Prices & Delivery methods

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5 days

  • Price on request


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