AI System level Transformation Workshop (AIST)


Course Overview

This workshop covers the third phase of the AI Adoption Framework; system-level AI solutions. Participants will learn to identify opportunities for AI that can be implemented by reimagining an entire system consisting of multiple work domains. This is the third step to using AI to design how entire systems can be reworked to embrace the capabilities of AI. Multiple work domains will be examined and opportunities to modify them substantially using AI will be explored. For example the Go To Market system typically consists of product/services, marketing, sales, channel/distribution, customer success, legal, finance, IT, and partners. AI presents an opportunity to rethink this entire system. Participants will explore the system level changes that are possible with AI and set the stage for reimagining entire companies and markets.

Who should attend

This workshop is intended for individuals who have attended the AI Functional level Transformation Workshop (FL-AIFT) and wish to understand how to enable AI at a larger scale to reimagine the work domains they are responsible for or support. Any individual who manages or is responsible for change within a business unit should attend this class including managers, directors, analysts, technical contributors, and individual contributors.

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of this class participants will:

  • Be able to identify and fully explain system-level AI
  • Be able to design a specific system-level AI solution during the workshop
  • Be able to communicate to others the value of system-level AI and the steps necessary to incorporate it into their business
  • Understand the next steps they need to take to continue their AI journey

Outline: AI System level Transformation Workshop (AIST)


  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Overview

FASTt Framework recap

How to identify AI system level opportunities

  • Identify the system
  • Identify the applications and functions
  • Identify the interactions and actors
  • Blank slate brainstorming

Identifying AI opportunities through systems

  • Workshop Step 1
  • Select a system
  • Identify component applications and functions
  • Identify interactions between components
  • Identify actors and stakeholders

Designing an AI enabled system

  • Workshop step 2
  • Relocate functions, applications, judgments and decisions
  • Redesign processes for AI

Identify Business Readiness for an AI Application

  • Workshop step 3
  • Identify the business coordination and agreements required for success
  • Identify the costs and benefits of using AI to redesign this system

AI Application Proposal

  • Workshop step 4
  • Summarize the AI system proposal and key details
  • Perform a trial/test of the proposed AI system
  • Evaluate the usefulness and capabilities of the AI system

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training Private

4 hours

  • on request
Classroom Training Private

4 hours

  • on request


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.