Microsoft Azure Overview for Deciders (MAUE)


Course Overview

This training introduces technical and organizational aspects of the cloud adoption and cloud usage. Changes in the roles and tasks of employees are explained as well as technical functionalities and possibilities. Privacy and compliance issues also represent important elements of the cloud adoption process and are introduced too. The typical daily tasks as well as the best practices are, like all other topics, presented on Microsoft Power Plattform as an example.

Course Content

Cloud Concepts
  • Explanation of the term cloud computing with presentation of examples
  • Introduction of the prevalent cloud service types with examples
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Platform as a Service
    • Software as a Service
    • Serverless Components (Functions, Logic Apps,…)
  • Introduction of the use models of various cloud services and the cost control
Explanation of the Azure Architecture and the Functionaliry of the Following Azure Services
  • Structure of the regions and data centers
  • Virtual machines for lift and shift migrations
  • Container and Docker for application virtualization
  • Azure App Service for software developers
  • Different storage types and their deployment options
  • Reducing the administrative workload for managed databases
  • How are identity, security and access privileges set up?
Azure Administration and Azure Governance
  • Azure Active Directory compared to Windows Active Directory
  • Use of access rights through the use of a role concept
  • Azure policies for enforcing compliance rules in the enterprise

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