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Fast Lane Consulting & Professional Services is a different type of consulting group. Our subject matter experts not only understand the solutions and skills required in today’s rapidly changing technology world, but we also take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to get the job done.

Our 5-Stage Consulting Framework provides a process that can be engaged at any phase or mapped to your complete project requirements. It's our way of ensuring we provide everything you need for a successful project.


Learning Services

Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Fast Lane knows that successful knowledge and skills transfer at scale requires more than just delivering a class. That’s why we offer Learning as a Service - a complete solution perspective from skills assessment to custom content development and mixed modality training including e-learning, multi-vendor solutions and much more.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

One major aspect of our Learning as a Service offering is our Platform as a Service. Our platform for online training can be private-labeled, can host customer content along with multi-vendor training, is e-commerce enabled if needed, has extensive reporting functionality, can incorporate hands-on labs and provide coaching to enhance the training.

Immersion Workshops™

Fast Lane offers exclusive Immersion Workshops, which are 4-8 hour demand generation events that are delivered live online or in person. Fast Lane Immersion Workshops can play a significant part in a complete Learning as a Service (LaaS) solution.

Skills Gap Analysis

From sales to DevOps to AI, people are taking on new roles and managing business in ways that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Employers are looking both inside and outside for different skillsets to fill these new roles.

Fast Lane’s Skill Gap Analysis team can help you determine what gaps exist between current skills and those required to reach current and future needs. Whether you are one person seeking new skills or you have a global team, we can assist in creating a training plan to address the areas where skills gaps exist.

Content Development

Uniquely positioned to meet your needs and the needs of your partners, we produce highly individualized training materials that focus on helping your teams achieve their technical and business goals. Utilizing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and developers who are outstanding in their fields we develop content for some of the best IT vendors in the business as well as for our own unique and diverse portfolio of courses.



Cloud Enablement/Migration

Are you planning for a new cloud initiative or data migration? We can train your teams to deploy and maintain your cloud solution and also assist with planning the data migration.

Mentored Install

Do you have an upcoming implementation that needs to go smoothly the first time? Our consultants can mentor your team on best practices to make sure that happens.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation adds trained and certified staff to support your specific initiatives. Gain better control, cost effectiveness and increased knowledge all while becoming quicker and more efficient. Through Staff augmentation, customers accelerate their internal integration, gain flexibility in their staffing and lower their risk. Before bringing in a new employee, check the opportunities around Fast Lane's Staff augmentation to accomplish your specific needs more effectively.

Remote Lab Services

Fast Lane offers our customers a unique lab environment for Cisco, NetApp, VMware, IBM, Symantec and other vendors. Whether you are doing certification preperation or need a sand-box environment for testing, our remote labs can help solve your problem.

With more than 550 high-end remote labs available worldwide, 24 hours a day and with dedicated live-support, up to 8,000 students can work simultaneously on this hardware during training.


Programs & Skills Transformation

Sales/Business Development

Fast Lane has extensive knowledge in creating and delivering training for Sales Transformation and Business Development efforts. We start by consulting with your sales leaders to understand your sales motions and create training plans to fit your desired business outcomes. Drive revenue by focusing on assessments, planning, discovery, impact and other steps on our custom Sales Enablement Roadmap

New Hire/Talent Programs

New hire training or onboarding can help your team rapidly develop and apply relevant technical skills, business process understanding, or other critical on-the-job knowledge they’ll need to succeed in your workplace. Our case study approach focuses on training your team for what you need them to do, not simply in general competencies.

Performance Consulting

Not sure your network or data center are performing at their peak? Unclear as to whether your security programs are strong enough? Want to ensure your workforce is up to their new business initiatives? Our subject matter experts and consultants can work with you to maximize performance in a wide variety of situations from sales to infrastructure. Let us know your concerns and we will help you find the right solution.

Digital Transformation

Our objective lies in helping our customers achieve their business goals with services that allow them to develop a comprehensive understanding of transformational technologies. This business approach will unlock where technology can enable your business. It will enable you to design and quantify the value of tech to your organizations future. It will accelerate your businesses transformation capability by implementing an adoption and utilization plan and then monitoring and measuring impact.


Transformation Services

Change Management

Users are key to realizing the full potential of your technology investments. Proactively supporting and guiding your users through the changes a new technology project brings ensures they develop the confidence and skills required to achieve full adoption. To get the optimal results, we can help you create and deliver an effective and proven change management guide that clearly articulates upcoming changes and expectations, encourages adoption from the top down, builds a community among users, provides training and support, and measures usage and adoption against organizational goals.

Custom Learning Programs

There’s been movement in the training business for some time toward content that meets the specific goals of the enterprise. “Off-the-shelf” works for a lot of things but targeted, custom programs can provide great value in focusing on the “just-in-time, just-enough, and just for-you” needs of today’s learners. Explore our end-to-end custom learning programs to save on costs and quickly achieve your goals.

Design Workshops

The workshop objective is to give a perspective of the possibilities within certain vertical industries such as manufacturing, transportation, automotive, smart buildings, smart cities, utilities, etc. We will review key topics like common use cases, architectures, technologies and deployment models, analyze the market and the main players as well as discussing standardization, risks and security aspects. We will use case studies and real life best practice examples throughout.


A highly-interactive, “hands on” learning approach for different skill levels. Whether your team is new to Agile or trying to scale Agile, Fast Lane has the training courses and coaching solutions that will make a difference. Fast Lane offers a wide portfolio of training courses covering various Agile technologies. To learn more about our four stages of Agile Transformation and how they help you along your Agile journey, download our PDF to the right.


Collaboration, communication, integration, sharing and automation that results in a more efficient, continuous cycle of software development leading to Agile implementation. Fast Lane offers training and certification exams for professionals.

To learn more about our Assess - Coach - Train (ACT) methodology and how it applies to your DevOps transformation, download our PDF to the right.