Predictive Analytics for Everyone


Machine learning is the subject of a lot of hype – for good reason. When properly applied to business problems, it is a very powerful tool that can provide profound insights into the business and also can deliver significant ROI. This hands-on course focuses on the 20% of machine learning that drives 80% of ROI. Students learn practical skills using the mighty “random forest” algorithm that can be applied right away on real business problems.

For an organization to become data-driven and AI-powered, the concept of machine learning needs to be democratized - leaders, managers, analysts and other stakeholders need a foundational understanding of the capabilities, outcomes and a bit of the “how” in order to apply this potential to solving business problems and create new opportunities with machine learning.

What will you learn?

In this hands-on training we will cover:

  • All the fundamentals for understanding and effectively training machine learning models
  • An easy way to start using the R programming language for data mining and statistical analysis
  • Using machine learning to solve classification problems
  • Leveraging Machine Learning for data analysis
  • Comparing the decision tree and random forest algorithm
  • Data analysis and feature engineering using random forests
  • Using ML to drive & analyze feature engineering
  • How to analyze the validity of your machine learning model
  • Resources and approaches for continuing your data science journey.

Prerequisites:While there are no hard prerequisites for this program, it is advised that learners first take the Business-Data-Analytics-for-Everybody and Predictive-Analytics-for-Everybody courses.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of the team please feel free to get in touch: contact form, or call 1-855-77-TRAIN (8-7246)