NetApp Consulting

NetApp’s full suite of products including Cloud Data Services, Converged Systems, Data Storage Software, Data Infrastructure, Backup and Recovery, create a total solution for today’s multi-vendor data center. Along with completeness comes complexity.

Fast Lane has the experts to help you understand and manage these products as well as the services to help you build them into your infrastructure and optimize your investment.

NetApp OnCommand Insight and Workflow Automation

Taking advantage of the comprehensive data management power of OnCommand Insight can simplify your management tasks and boost efficiency with dashboards providing visibility into your data that you’ve never had before.

Our experts can show you how to streamline your data management using OnCommand Insight and get a complete view of storage health through comprehensive performance monitoring, discovery and alerts.

OnCommand Automation

By using OnCommand Workflow Automation, and/or Ansible, you can automate manual, repeatable storage processes to free up your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Let us teach you to write the scripts to create best practices and help you better control, automate, analyze and integrate your storage.

FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Integration

The FlexPod converged infrastructure is built using validated designs to help you build your next generation data center using a scale up/scale out architecture to deliver application performance and drive business outcomes.

Even before the original release of FlexPod, Fast Lane worked with NetApp and Cisco to create partner enablement training for the design and administration of FlexPod implementations. Not only did we create the authorized training content for FlexPod certifications, we have worked with customers to create their designs and implement FlexPod solutions around the world.

We can help you maximize the benefits of this architecture by showing your team how to deploy and manage your FlexPod systems to handle ever increasing workloads and meet your changing business demands.

Cisco UCS Director

Deploying Cisco’s UCS Director in your FlexPod environment allows you to automate, orchestrate, and manage Cisco and third-party hardware in your data center. Our research shows workloads are growing by over 25% per year but IT spending is only increasing at a rate of 3% while technical complexity and business services needs are increasing dramatically.

Fast Lane experts can work with you to increase productivity through the use of the UCS Director single operations console and the more than 2500 multivendor tasks available for creating standard integrated services across data center stacks.