Zero Code AI Solutions (ZCAIS)


Course Overview

This two-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI Solutions which requires absolutely no coding background or experience. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of using tools like ChatGPT, Google AI Solutions, Stable Diffusion, and Adobe Firefly while integrating them into their existing workflows.

With over 39 labs and lectures, this course is designed to be a hands-on intensive primer for anyone who needs to enhance their workflows with AI.

Direct access to the AI Platform is not required. All traffic to and from AI Platforms is provided through the training provider.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Generative AI Tools
  • Understand Natural Language Processing and Generative AI
  • Defining Prompts, and Prompt Parameters
  • Discover ChatGPT and Google AI Solutions
  • Utilize Plugins and Extensions to enable AI Tools
  • Deploy Stable Diffusion to Produce Images in Dream Studio
  • Use DALL-E to Create Images in ChatGPT
  • Unleash Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop
  • Integrate AI Tools into existing workflows

Outline: Zero Code AI Solutions (ZCAIS)

NLP and AI

  • Lecture: Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Lecture: The NLP Pipeline and Machine Learning

Getting Started with Prompts

  • Lecture: Introduction to Bard
  • Lecture + Lab: Getting Started with Bard
  • Lecture + Lab: Prompting an AI Model
  • Lecture + Lab: Define Prompt Parameters - Task/Inputs/Outputs/Constraints/Style
  • Challenge: Develop Prompts for your Workflows


  • Lecture: Introduction to ChatGPT
  • Lecture + Lab: Getting Started with ChatGPT
  • Lecture + Lab: Exploring ChatGPT’s Capabilities
  • Lecture + Lab: Data Generation, Conversion, and Applications
  • Lecture: ChatGPT 4 Features
  • Lecture + Lab: Deploy Plugins in GPT Prompts
  • Lecture + Lab: Code Interpreter
  • Lecture + Lab: Data Analysis
  • Challenge: Integrate ChatGPT into your Workflow

GenerativeAI As a Service (GAAS)

  • Lecture: Enterprise Grade AI Tools for Business
  • Lecture: Creating your own Learning Language Model

Google AI Solutions

  • Lecture: Data Analytics with Bard
  • Lecture + Lab: Data Analytics Techniques
  • Lecture: Google Search Labs
  • Lecture + Lab: Search with AI Assistance
  • Lecture: Chrome AI Extensions
  • Lecture + Lab: Using Chrome AI Extensions
  • Challenge: Integrate Google AI Solutions into your Workflow

Generative AI for Images

  • Lecture: Introduction to Gen AI Image Tools
  • Lecture + Lab: Getting Started with Stable Diffusion
  • Lecture: Creating Original Art for Business
  • Lecture + Lab: Create your Masterpiece!
  • Lecture: Custom Image Parameters
  • Lecture + Lab: Honing your Image
  • Lecture + Lab: DALL-E Image Generation
  • Challenge: Integrate Stable Diffusion into your Workflow

Adobe Firefly

  • Lecture: Adobe Generative Fill
  • Lecture + Lab: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop
  • Lecture + Lab: Deploy Generative Fill
  • Lecture: Business Solutions with Generative Fill
  • Lecture + Lab: Branding, Customization, and Targeted Image Processing
  • Challenge: Combining Stable Diffusion with Adobe Firefly

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2 days

  • Canada: CAD 2,105

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