Management Skills for New Managers (2238)


Course Overview

Successful managers get things done. Learn the art of management that will set you apart—FAST. Using extensive guided role plays, self-audits and in-depth skills exercises, you will explore motivation, delegation, coaching, communication, performance management and leadership.

Take this course to fill your skill gaps and elevate your team—and your career—to new levels of greatness. Be ready to apply what you learn and return to work with new knowledge, insights and practical methods to help you be a successful and effective new manager.

Who should attend

Managers with one to three years of experience who are seeking additional management training.

Course Objectives

  • Boost your confidence level as a new manager
  • Skillfully manage your co-located and virtual team
  • Shift gears, deal with change and make decisions with more ease
  • Match your leadership style to your employees’ development needs
  • Increase your flexibility and adaptability to lead a diverse workforce
  • Develop a climate that fosters motivation and camaraderie
  • Provide clear vision and direction for your employees
  • Equip your team with the resources they need to be effective
  • Confidently help employees solve problems and overcome barriers

Outline: Management Skills for New Managers (2238)

Defining Your Role as a Manager

  • Identify Qualities Required for Effective Management
  • Define Management
  • Describe How Managers Provide Value
  • Identify the Roles and Responsibilities Managers Perform
  • Describe the Contextual Issues and Challenges Managers Face

Continuous Performance Management

  • Define the Goal of Performance Management
  • Describe a Process for Effective Performance Management
  • Identify the Challenges to Performance Management
  • Demonstrate the Skills of Performance Management

SLII ® - Concepts

  • Practice Having Effective and More Frequent Conversations with Your Direct Reports
  • Increase Your Flexibility and Adaptability to Lead a Diverse Workforce
  • Use a Variety of Leadership Styles to Accelerate Team Members’ Completion of Their Goals/Tasks

Coaching for Performance

  • Define Coaching
  • Identify the Importance of Coaching
  • Identify the Requirements for Effective Coaching
  • Identify the Micro-skills of Effective Coaching
  • Use a Process for Coaching Behavioral Challenges
  • Use the AMA GUIDE to Plan and Manage a Coaching Discussion
  • Identify the Difference Between Coaching and Discipline

Building a Motivational Climate

  • Identify the Manager’s Role in Employee Motivation
  • Define Motivation
  • Identify the Importance of a Motivational Climate
  • Recognize Important Elements of the Motivational Process
  • Identify Managerial Practices for Building a Motivational Climate

Delegating for Growth and Development

  • Identify the Types of Delegation That Managers Can Engage In
  • Identify the Importance of, and the Barriers to, Effective Delegation
  • Assess Your Current Delegation Practices
  • Identify What Can—and Can’t—Be Delegated
  • Describe the Phases of Effective Delegation
  • Use a Process for Conducting a Delegation Discussion

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • Online Training: CAD 3,555
  • Online Training: US$ 2,695
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Canada: CAD 3,555


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