Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 4 - Cloud Professional (ACE-L4)


Course Content

The ACE Level 4course is focused on more advanced DataCenter, DCI, WAN and Service Provider architectures. Engineers will explore the advanced routing capabilities available within Arista hardware and EOS. Topics such as leveraging VXLAN and MPLS between data center sites, leveraging IS-IS and OSPF for underlay routing, and Segment Routing will be discussed in depth. Advanced routing configuration and troubleshooting within service provider connectivity will be examined. Arista’s hybrid cloud solution leveraging AnyCloud and vEOS will also be covered.

Who should attend

The ACE Level4course is best suited for individuals with more than 5 years of experience in the Network Engineering Field and are comfortable with routing protocols. Mid-to-senior level Network Engineers and Operations staff will find the skills most often searched for by corporations for these positions. Those individuals holding current or expired Professionalcertifications in other vendor programs will find a refreshed and updated approach. ACE:L4 focuses on the features and skills needed in advanced networks. You will not waste energy learning outdated technologies, approaches or tasks no longer used in open networks.

Outline: Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 4 - Cloud Professional (ACE-L4)

Module 1: Advanced Leaf-Spine Architectures

  • IP Unnumbered OSPF and BGP
  • iBGP Route Reflectors
  • IS-IS
  • Route Maps and Policy Based Routing
  • Multicast in the Underlay and Overlay

Module 2: Data Center Interconnect

  • EVPN
  • CVX
  • MPLS
  • FlexRoute
  • WAN and Internet Peering

Module 3: MPLS

  • Packet Structure, Data/Control Planes and General Operations
  • Label Distribution – Signaling
  • L2 and L3 EVPN – IPv4 VPN
  • Route Types

Module 4: Segment Routing

  • Labels
  • BGP and MPLS
  • SR-TE
  • MPLS IP VPN Services

Module 5: Advanced Routing Features

  • Advanced BGP
  • Advanced IS-IS

Module 6: Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud

  • AnyCloud Solution
  • vEOS and CloudEOS
  • Configuring AWS, Google and Azure
  • CVP for Cloud
  • CVaaS

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5 days

  • Online Training: CAD 6,595
  • Online Training: US$ 4,995
Classroom Training

5 days

  • Canada: CAD 6,595

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