Selling Indoor IoT with Cisco DNA Spaces (SIICDNA)


Course Overview

This is a sales-focussed session considering the value proposition for an industry first ‘Indoor IoT-as-a-Service’ offering on Wi-Fi 6 APs, to help customers deploy & manage their IoT devices and applications. With a lively, interactive review of the current and future market for Indoor IoT, including an examination of specific and relevant use-cases, we will consider how best to position and qualify opportunities for Cisco DNA Spaces for Indoor IoT Services.

Who should attend

Partner Account Managers (AM), Business Development Managers (BDM) and other customer-facing roles.


General understanding of Wi-Fi and location analytics.

Course Objectives


  • Review the indoor IoT landscape and related market opportunities to better understand the challenges customers are facing.
  • Explore IoT based solutions and the business outcomes they deliver and examine specific use-cases and related business outcomes.


  • High-level exploration of Cisco DNA Spaces Services for Indoor IoT and the related technologies.
  • Considering the entire ‘IoT as a Service’ lifecycle.


  • Position the Cisco DNA Spaces for IoT Services solution.
  • Confidently articulate key value propositions.

Outline: Selling Indoor IoT with Cisco DNA Spaces (SIICDNA)

WHY DNA Spaces for Indoor IoT

  • Review indoor IoT landscape and related market opportunities
  • Landscape and opportunity
  • IT and OT convergence.

Understand the challenges customers are facing and Why DNA Spaces

  • Delivering efficiencies by collapsing the infrastructure, to lower indoor IoT costs in factories, facilities, healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail sectors;
  • Enriching experience and creating Trusted Workplaces: e.g. connected smart boards, intelligent lighting, climate control, and smart building services;
  • With connected products, delivering demonstrable cost efficiencies through automation, orchestration and AI;
  • Relating business outcomes to specific use-case examples:
    • Healthcare;
    • Retail;
    • Carpeted Spaces;
    • Employee safety;
    • Environmental monitoring;
    • Work in Progress tracking

WHAT is DNA Spaces - A high-level exploration of Indoor IoT

  • DNA Spaces for Indoor IoT architectural overview
  • IoT protocols considered: Wi-Fi RFID; BLE, Z-Wave, Zigbee/Thread;
  • DNA Spaces Connector functions;
  • Catalyst 9100 Wi-Fi 6 Access-Point (AP) BLE gateways functions (Base and Advanced);
  • Catalyst 9800 Wireless Lan Controller functions;
  • Cisco DNA Spaces Firehose API;
  • Cisco DNA Spaces ACT license;
  • Compatibility Matrix.

Considering the entire lifecycle

  • IoT Device Marketplace for asset tags, environmental sensors, and beacons
  • Cisco DNA Spaces App Centre and the related business outcomes
  • Wi-Fi 6 APs with dynamic gateways
  • Cloud-based device management.

HOW to position Cisco DNA Spaces for Indoor IoT

  • Brief overview of DNA Spaces technical advantages
  • Speed; Performance; Scale; and Cost advantages;
  • Deploy, manage and configure at scale;
  • Identifying meaningful data;
  • Device and application monitoring reduce downtime;
  • Streaming telemetry to enterprise and third-party applications;
  • Future-proofed.

Business value propositions examined

  • Productivity, Engagement & Governance
  • Connected products delivers increasing automation and cost efficiencies
  • Collapsing the infrastructure delivers real cost reduction

Position the solution

  • Three key sales motions:
    • 1. Customers have projects but cannot easily see the ROI – partners need to help customers to visualise the ROI and to make the business case
    • 2. Selling the architecture to deliver the use-case
    • 3. Partners need to discover and qualify in new opportunities.
  • The key customer stakeholders (IT, LoB’s, C-Suite) and aligning the messaging

Session conclusion

  • Sales Resources: SalesConnect, dCloud, etc.;
  • Knowledge check quiz;
  • Call to Action and introduction to Sales-Plays.

Prices & Delivery methods

Classroom Training Private

0.5 days

  • on request


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