Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline SSL/TLS Solutions (SSL SOLUTIONS)


Course Content

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric is an essential element in any monitoring or security strategy. This 1-day course focuses on building inline SSL/TLS decryption solutions. Training is conducted through comprehensive discussions, real-world use cases, and practical hands-on labs. If you are planning on implementing SSL/TLS decryption as part of your Gigamon deployment, this is a great additional day of training to help you achieve success.

Who should attend

The primary target audiences for the course are:

  • Security Ops teams that need to understand how Gigamon inline SSL/TLS decryption solutions function in relation to designing and deploying visibility solutions utilizing these features.
  • Network Ops teams that are familiar with Gigamon, and will be implementing a Classic or Flexible Inline Bypass solution with SSL/TLS decryption. These include roles like architects, admins, and operators.


Mandatory Requirement: Customers must have knowledge of or have taken the Gigamon Foundations I: Insight into Network Data Across Your Network (GFD1) course before they take this one-day follow-on course. It is also strongly recommended that learners have knowledge of or have taken the Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline Bypass Solutions course. As a follow-on course to the Gigamon Foundations I and Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline Bypass Solutions courses, learners are expected to already possess these skills, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Basic Flow Mapping
  • GigaVUE-FM Navigation
  • Inline Bypass Concepts and Configuration

Course Objectives

  • Learn how Gigamon manages traffic flows where decryption of traffic is essential
  • Understand the different map group choices which support inline SSL/TLS decryption
  • Design and implement an inline SSL/TLS decryption solution
  • Learn best practices and common challenges

Outline: Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline SSL/TLS Solutions (SSL SOLUTIONS)

Module 1: Gigamon Solution Overview

  • Gigamon Platform
  • Inline Bypass module options

Module 2: SSL/TLS Technology Overview

  • SSL/TLS Overview
  • SSL/TLS Handshake Process
  • Understanding Private Keys and Certificates

Module 3: Inline Challenges

  • Traffic Asymmetry
  • Resolving Asymmetry problems
  • Resilient Inline Arrangement (RIA)

Module 4: Inline Decryption Challenges

  • Passive versus Inline SSL/TLS Decryption
  • Inbound versus Outbound Configurations
  • SSL/TLS Decryption Policy Parameters
  • Decrypt / No Decrypt Decision

Module 5: Inline Decryption Policy Profile Example

  • Configuring the Inline SSL/TLS Decryption Policy Profile

Module 6: Inline Decryption Mapping Example

  • Inline SSL/TLS Map Groups
  • Inline SSL/TLS Mapping Example
  • Using Inline Monitor Mode

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