Microsoft Windows 10: Navigating the New Environment (1280)


Course Overview

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest iteration of the popular Windows operating system. By the end of this course, learners will have advanced from being novice computer users to a level where they will be comfortable with the Windows 10 interface, using Windows Store apps, work with the Windows 10 desktop, using Microsoft Edge, customizing the Windows 10 environment, using Windows 10 security features, and more.

Outline: Microsoft Windows 10: Navigating the New Environment (1280)

  • Getting to Know PC’s and the Windows 10 User Interface
    • This introductory lesson discusses the components that make up a PC and shows learners how to sign into Windows 10 and how to navigate the Start menu.
  • Working with Windows Desktop
    • The Windows desktop figures prominently for PC users. In this lesson, students will learn how to use the desktop and use components of the desktop window. They will also learn how to create and modify files with desktop applications and manage files and folders with File Explorer.
  • Using Microsoft Edge
    • Students will learn about the Internet here and then learn how to use Microsoft Edge and manage tabs in Edge.
  • Using Windows Store and Working with Universal Apps
    • The topics under consideration here are using the Windows Store and using Universal Apps.
  • Other Windows 10 Features
    • At this point, students will shift their focus to learning how to interact with Microsoft Cortana and how to store and share files with OneDrive.
  • Customizing the Windows 10 Environment
    • This lesson looks at creating new user accounts and customizing the Start menu.
  • Using Windows 10 Security Features
    • The final lesson shows students how to configure account passwords and use Windows Defender.

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