Building Splunk Apps (BAWS)


Course Content

This 9-hour module focuses on Splunk app development. It's designed for advanced users, administrators, and developers who want to create apps for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. Major topics include planning apps, building data generators, adding data, creating custom search commands and REST endpoints, using the KV Store, app vetting using AppInspect, and app packaging.

Please note that this class may run across two days, with 4.5 hour sessions each day.

Who should attend

Advanced Splunk users, administrators, and developers.


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Course Objectives

  • Planning Apps
  • Creating Apps
  • Adding Data
  • Enhancing Apps
  • Using the REST API
  • Packaging Apps

Outline: Building Splunk Apps (BAWS)

Topic 1 – Planning Apps

  • Set up a development environment
  • Improve app performance
  • Identify Splunk log files
  • Create a data generator

Topic 2 – Creating Apps

  • Create an app
  • Configure app properties
  • Create app navigation
  • Add app icons and logos

Topic 3 – Adding Data

  • Identify ways to add data
  • Explain modular vs scripted inputs
  • Understand data normalization
  • Review Add-on Builder

Topic 4 – Enhancing Apps

  • Review commonly used knowledge objects
  • Learn about custom alert actions
  • Build custom workflow actions
  • Develop custom search commands

Topic 5 – Using the REST API

  • Describe the Splunk REST API
  • Extend Splunk with custom REST endpoints
  • Review the KV Store and configuration
  • Maintain app state using the KV Store

Topic 6 – Packaging Apps

  • Create an app setup page
  • Define config file precedence
  • Validate an app for Cloud with AppInspect
  • Package an app

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9 hours

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  • Splunk Training Credits: 150 SPC
Classroom Training

9 hours

  • Canada: CAD 1,905
  • Splunk Training Credits: 150 SPC

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