Correlation Analysis (SCLAS)


Course Content

This three-hour module is for power users who want to learn how to calculate co-occurrence between fields and analyze data from multiple datasets. Topics will focus on the transaction, append, appendcols, union, and join commands.


To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of the following:

  • How Splunk works
  • Creating search queries
  • Lookups

Course Objectives

  • Calculate Co-Occurrence Between Fields
  • Analyze Multiple Datasets

Outline: Correlation Analysis (SCLAS)

Topic 1 - Calculate Co-Occurrence Between Fields

  • Understand transactions
  • Explore the transaction command

Topic 2 - Analyze Multiple Data Sources

  • Understand subsearch
  • Use the append, appendcols, union, and join commands to combine, analyze, and compare multiple data sources

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