AI Augmented Application Development Organization (AIAADO)


Course Overview

A workshop to learn and apply the best practices of generative AI for improving app dev processes.

Course Content

The workshop will cover the following aspects:
Scenarios and Best practices
In this section, you will learn about the various ways that generative AI can help you streamline and optimize your app dev processes, such as:

  • Generating software documentation from code comments, specifications, or natural language queries
  • Generating API documentation from code annotations, schemas, or examples
  • Automating the creation of unit tests and integration tests from code snippets, test cases, or specifications
  • Automatic generation of infrastructure as code scripts from diagrams, templates, or natural language descriptions
  • Smarter debugging with code analysis, error detection, and code completion
  • Identifying security issues with code scanning, vulnerability detection, and code remediation

Practical exercises
In this section, you will get hands-on experience with some of the tools and frameworks that enable generative AI for app dev, such as:

  • Using various generative AI tools to generate code, documentation, and tests from natural language queries
  • Using Google Bard or AWS CodeWhisperer to help you with code generation, code debugging, and explanation
  • Using GitHub Copilot to assist you with code suggestions, code completion, and code refactoring
  • Using generative AI to create infrastructure as code scripts (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation, Bicep, etc.) from diagrams or templates
  • Using generative AI with cloud solutions like CodeGuru to analyze your code quality, performance, and security

Roundtable exercises
In this section, you will work in teams to create your own strategy for AI augmenting your app dev organization based on a series of tasks and challenges, such as:

  • Identifying the pain points and opportunities for improvement in your current app dev processes
  • Selecting the best practices and tools that suit your needs and goals
  • Designing the future of your augmented application development organization
  • Planning and prioritizing the implementation steps and milestones
  • Identifying the change agents (early adopters) in your teams who can help your drive the process
  • Measuring and evaluating the impact and benefits of generative AI for your app dev outcomes

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for application development teams and organizations who want to leverage the power of generative AI to enhance their productivity, quality, and innovation.

Outline: AI Augmented Application Development Organization (AIAADO)

Day 1

  • Welcome and icebreaker activity
  • Lecture: What is generative AI and why it matters for app development
  • Lecture: Best practices, use cases, scenarios and case studies for generative AI in app dev organizations
  • Team discussion 1: Ideation – identify the pain points and choose which gen AI scenarios can help
  • Hands-on session 1: Explore and experiment with different use cases for generative AI
  • Team discussion 2: Team Environment – designing the future state of your organization by mapping chosen gen AI scenarios to team roles
  • Team discussion 3: Redesign the process and prepare for proof of concept – choose the app/workload and create a plan
  • Wrap up and feedback

Day 2:

  • Recap and Q&A
  • Hands-on session 2: Build and test a prototype application with generative AI
  • Lecture: How to measure and evaluate the impact and benefits of generative AI for your app dev outcomes? How to address the ethical and social implications?
  • Team discussion 4: Identify KPIs - impact of the proposed gen AI implementation on internal processes, finance, business in general
  • Team discussion 5: Putting it all together – create a final proposal for the new AI augmented organization
  • Group presentation: Showcase and demo your AI augmented app development organization
  • Group feedback: Provide and receive constructive feedback
  • Closing remarks and next steps

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

2 days

  • on request


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.