Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GCP-GSGKE)


Course Overview

This course covers an introduction to Kubernetes, a software layer that sits between your applications and your hardware infrastructure. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) brings you Kubernetes as a managed service on Google Cloud. This course teaches the basics of GKE and how to get applications containerized and running in Google Cloud. The course covers a basic introduction to Google Cloud, an overview of containers and Kubernetes, Kubernetes architecture, and Kubernetes operations.

Who should attend

  • Application developers, cloud solutions architects, DevOps engineers, IT managers
  • Individuals who use Google Cloud to create new solutions or to integrate existing systems, application environments, and infrastructure with Google Cloud.


Course Objectives

  • Discuss the differences among Google Cloud compute platforms.
  • Discuss the components and architecture of Kubernetes.
  • Identify how Google manages Kubernetes orchestration.
  • Create and manage Google Kubernetes Engine clusters by using the Google Cloud console and the gcloud/kubectl commands.

Follow On Courses

Outline: Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GCP-GSGKE)

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course

The course introduction explains the course goals and previews each section.

Module 2 - Introduction to Google Cloud

  • Identify Google Cloud services and their functions.
  • Choose the right Google Cloud services to create your own cloud solution.
  • Define the purpose of and use cases for Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Identify how costs can be managed in the resource hierarchy.
  • Use the Google Cloud console and Cloud Shell to create virtual machines (VMs), service accounts, and buckets.


  • Lab: Accessing the Google Cloud console and Cloud Shell
  • Quiz: Module quiz

Module 3 - Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes

  • Define the concept of a container and identify uses for containers.
  • Identify the purpose of and use cases for Kubernetes.
  • Outline the concept of Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Create a container using Cloud Build.


  • Lab: Working with Cloud Build
  • Quiz: Module quiz

Module 4 - Kubernetes Architecture

  • Conceptualize the Kubernetes architecture.
  • Identify how to view and manage Kubernetes objects.
  • Distinguish between Google Kubernetes Engines modes of operation.
  • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster by using GKE.


  • Lab: Developing GKE Autopilot clusters
  • Quiz: Module quiz

Module 5 - Kubernetes Operations

  • Work with the kubectl command.
  • Inspect the cluster and Pods.
  • View a Pod’s console output.
  • Sign in interactively to a Pod.


  • Lab: Deploying GKE Autopilot Clusters from Cloud Shell
  • Quiz: Module quiz

Module 6 - Course Summary

The course summary recaps the major concepts learners were introduced to during the course.

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