NetApp Portfolio: Exploring SAN Architectures and Configurations (SANARCH)

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About this Course

The Exploring SAN Architectures and Configurations course is a 2 day Instructor-led class where you learn how to differentiate between the SAN architectures in the NetApp portfolio:

  • FAS and All Flash FAS (AFF) systems with the clustered Data ONTAP operating system
  • E-Series and EF-Series systems with the SANtricity operating system

Who should attend

  • Systems Engineer (SE), Customer

Class Prerequisites

NetApp Core Technical Training or equivalent knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Data ONTAP OS
  • Basic knowledge of SANtricity OS
  • Basic knowledge of Mars OS

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the NetApp SAN platforms: FAS, AFF, E-Series, and EF‑Series storage systems
  • Describe the NetApp storage architectures: Data ONTAP and SANtricity operating systems
  • Differentiate between the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP and SANtricity operating systems
  • Configure the Data ONTAP and SANtricity operating systems
  • Select the best systems and solution for an application or workload

Follow On Courses

Outline: NetApp Portfolio: Exploring SAN Architectures and Configurations (SANARCH)

Module 1: NetApp SAN Architectures

  • Define the NAS and SAN protocols
  • Explain the different SAN terms
  • Explain the NetApp hybrid SAN portfolio
  • Explain the NetApp ALL-Flash SAN portfolio

Module 2: NetApp Storage Architectures

  • Explain the Data ONTAP storage architecture
  • Explain the SANtricity storage architecture
  • Analyze performance
  • Explain data management
  • Explain data protection

Module 3: FAS with Data ONTAP

  • Explain FAS Architecture
  • Explain FAS failover and failback
  • Explain Data ONTAP software
  • Explain Data ONTAP features
  • Explain Data ONTAP protection features

Module 4: Data ONTAP Implementation

  • Use Data ONTAP to implement a SAN on FAS
  • Simulate ONTAP 8

Module 5: E-Series with SANtricity

  • Define E-Series architecture
  • Explain E-Series failover and failback
  • Explain SANtricity software
  • Explain SANtricity features
  • Explain SANtricity protection features

Module 6: SANtricity Implementation

  • Use SANtricity to implement a SAN on E-Series
  • Simulate SANtricity storage manager

Module 7: NetApp SAN Solutions

  • Explain the NetApp portfolio
  • Explain how to choose a system
  • Explain system sizing

Appendix A: Flexarray Virtualization Software and V-Series

  • Explain Flexarray storage virtualization software
  • Explain Storage arrays
  • Explain supported topologies
  • Pre-installation planning
  • System deployment

Appendix B: SAN Data Migration

  • Describe data migration
  • Explain the 7-Mode transition tool
  • Import foreign LUN



  • Use the IMT to verify support for FAS controllers
  • Use the IMT to verify support for E-Series controllers
  • Save results from the IMT


  • Identify the exercise environment
  • Log in to the exercise environment


  • Verify that the Microsoft device-specific module (DSM) is configured correctly
  • Verify the configuration of an iSCSI software initiator
  • Use NetApp OnCommand System Manager to prepare a cluster for a storage virtual machine (SVM)
  • Use System Manager to create an SVM for iSCSI and an iSCSI-attached LUN for Windows Server
  • Configure the iSCSI software initiator
  • Use an iSCSI-attached LUN in Windows


  • Launch the SANtricity Storage Manager simulator
  • Navigate the Enterprise Management and Array Management windows
  • Create a RAID 6 volume group
  • Create a volume in a volume group
  • Assign a hot spare disk
  • Create a disk pool
  • Create a volume in a disk pool
  • Change volume settings
  • Define a host


  • you should be able to provide guidance to a sales representative.
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